Leave your details when dining: Restaurants taking personal contact info to trace COVID-19

Article Link: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/leave-your-deets-when-dining-restaurants-taking-personal-info-to-trace-covid-19/wcm/d9d6307d-f761-4d09-8298-b34d7c215d6d/

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“It’s not unprecedented in the restaurant industry that public health would reach out to them and get that kind of information.” Evans said one drawback is that there is no way to verify the information a customer is giving is correct. “Now, 99 per cent of the public is going to be truthful, but what do you do with the one per cent?” he asked. If people giving false information becomes a problem, governments could potentially step in to make sure that people have to show an ID card to verify their identity, Evans suggested.