15 Shot at Chicago Funeral Mere Hours After Mayor Vowed To Not Let Trump ‘Terrorize Our Residents’

Article Link: https://www.westernjournal.com/15-shot-chicago-funeral-mere-hours-mayor-vowed-not-let-trump-terrorize-residents/

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

It’s a curious, unpleasant paradox: Even as people stay at home more than ever, given there aren’t many places to go and a deadly virus you might catch when you get there, violent crime is spiking in major cities. In Chicago, not already known for Singapore-like crime rates, WGN-TV reported murders in June were up 34 percent from last year and shootings were up 45 percent. The Chicago Tribune reported 295 homicides through June 21, up from 235 from 2019. Shooting incidents through June 21 in the city: 1,250. In 2019: 902. Chicago is hardly alone in experiencing this trend, either, making this pretty dire stuff in the midst of a pandemic, particularly given police resources stretched by mass demonstrations (and the concomitant riots).