Terrorism charges laid against Calgary man after 7-year probe

Article Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/terrorism-charges-rcmp-borhot-calgary-isis-1.5659026

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Alberta’s RCMP Integrated National Enforcement Team has laid terrorism charges against a Calgary man following an investigation that lasted seven years. Hussein Sobhe Borhot, 34, of Calgary has been charged with three counts of participation in the activity of a terrorist group, and one count of commission of an offence for a terrorist group, RCMP said in a release. Between May 2013 and June 2014, Borhot travelled to Syria, where he contributed to the activities of ISIS and received training from the terror group, according to investigators. Police say he also knowingly committed the offence of kidnapping. These type of investigations are particularly complex, RCMP spokesperson Fraser Logan told CBC.