Conservatives call for Morneau’s resignation as finance minister says he repaid $41K in WE trip expenses

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is facing calls to resign after telling MPs that he cut a cheque for over $41,000 to repay travel expenses incurred by the WE organization related to two 2017 trips his family took with the organization. Morneau said he wrote the cheque today — prior to going before the House of Commons finance committee to answer questions about his government’s decision to task WE with administering a $912-million student volunteering program. “I expected and always had intended to pay the full cost of these trips, and it was my responsibility to make sure that was done,” Morneau told MPs on the committee. “Not doing so, even unknowingly, is not appropriate. I want to apologize for this error on my part.”