Ford Says Province Is ‘Coming After’ Long-Term Care Homes That Don’t Give Staff PPE

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

TORONTO — Long-term care homes that don’t provide personal protective equipment to their staff as they prepare to allow visitors inside those facilities will face consequences, Premier Doug Ford said Friday. The warning came on the same day the province took over the management of another seniors home struggling to contain a deadly COVID-19 outbreak. Speaking at a news conference in Kitchener, Ont., Ford suggested the shortages observed in the first weeks of the pandemic no longer exist and there is no need to hoard personal protective equipment. “I’ll tell you there’s no one in this province who should have one problem with PPE,” he said. “There’s my message to the 626 long-term care homes, … if you’re stockpiling, if you aren’t handing out the PPE, then we’re coming after you. Simple.”