U.S. Ex-Military Boss: UFOs Are Real And We Must Be Ready For Them

Article Link: https://www.oddee.com/u-s-ex-military-boss-ufos-are-real-and-we-must-be-ready-for-them-53441/

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

From the snarling feral beasts of Aliens to a kind wrinkled raisin that just wants to phone home, some kinds of extraterrestrials have fascinated people pretty much ever since stories were a thing. Maybe we just like to think that we’re not so utterly alone in the universe. Now a U.S. ex-military boss is saying that we might want to start seriously preparing for the possibility that someone else is out there. And that they might not come in peace. Luiz Elizondo – former Director of Programs to investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats for the Office of the Secretary of Defense – told LiveScience that preparing for potential threats from UFOs should be on the table of every world leader.