500,000 Hong Kongers cast ‘protest’ vote against new security laws

Article Link: https://calgarysun.com/news/world/500000-hong-kongers-cast-protest-vote-against-new-security-laws/wcm/818a94bd-9c90-44c2-9b92-445ab363067d

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Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens queued to cast ballots over the weekend in what the Chinese-ruled city’s opposition camp says is a symbolic protest vote against tough national security laws directly imposed by Beijing. The unofficial poll will decide the strongest pro-democracy candidates to contest Legislative Council elections in September, when they aim to ride a wave of anti-China sentiment stirred by the law to seize control for the first time from pro-Beijing rivals. While the primaries are only for the opposition camp, observers are watching closely as they say the turnout will serve as a test of broader opposition to the law, which critics say will gravely undermine the city’s freedoms.