WE Charity lays off hundreds after deal with Trudeau government is cancelled

Article Link: https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/ts/politics/federal/2020/07/11/we-charity-lays-off-hundreds-after-deal-with-trudeau-government-is-cancelled.html

Discussion posted by: JayMak

OTTAWA—WE Charity hired 465 people to help administer the federal government’s student volunteer grant program. And then a political scandal hit. The charity organization laid off 450 contract workers across the country last week and told them not to speak about their work with WE. The charity told the Star that the 15 other new hires were given full-time positions within the organization. The workers were hired as contractors — some fixed-term, others “independent” — to deliver the Canada Student Service Grant, the Liberal government’s $900-million program to pay students for volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initially said WE was selected to run the program because it was the “best and only” organization capable of doing it.