‘It’s like night and day’: Trudeau’s and Trump’s Covid-19 responses fuel wildly different outcomes

Article Link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/09/canada-coronavirus-us-justin-trudeau-donald-trump

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“It’s like night and day,” said Dr Isaac Bogoch, of the stark differences between the two countries. “From coast to coast, we have the epidemic in Canada under excellent control. We’ve been able to suppress cases at the community level. Of course we’re still seeing some small outbreaks, but we’ve been able to suppress the vast majority of the infection and rapidly identify small outbreaks.” With a population of nearly 38 million people, Canada is recording roughly 300 new infections each day, with a total nearly 28,000 active cases. The US has a population nearly nine times larger, but its caseload – 1.6 million – is sixty times higher, and growing. “I feel awful for them. They’re our friends and our neighbours. And obviously, the epidemic is getting worse, not better,”