Let’s get back to work

Article Link: https://www.apsense.com/article/lets-get-back-to-work.html

Discussion posted by: Will Dove

Anti-Lockdown Canada “Let’s all go back to work” T-shirts. Time for the ‘silent majority’ to speak out. “Canadian man starts anti-lockdown t-shirt campaign on Kickstarter. Will Dove says he knows many people who believe the lockdown was not only unnecessary but has caused far more damage than the virus. He says it’s time for the ‘silent majority’ to speak out and feels these t-shirts will be a way to show just how many people object to the measures. Lockdowns aren’t just unnecessary, they are criminally irresponsible.” he says. “When we measure the cost in terms of life-years lost to stress, suicide and untreated illnesses the lockdowns have cost far more life-years than COVID.”