Despite the lies, the spin and the propaganda, Antarctic sea ice is growing — both extent and concentration greater now than in 1980

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Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

The UN and their scraggly little offshoot, the IPCC, are at it again — obfuscating data in order to push their fraudulent catastrophic global warming agenda. According to the IPCC, and picked up the usual AGW propaganda rags such as the Guardian: “the South pole is warming three times faster than rest of the world.” The Guardian article dated June 30, 2020 continues in predictably befogging fashion: “Dramatic change in Antarctica’s interior in past three decades a result of effects from tropical variability working together with increasing greenhouse gases.” But, 1) the MSM have a habit of claiming everywhere is warming faster than everywhere else: And 2), the actual data reveals quite the opposite re Antarctica.