Edmonton group holds vigil for unidentified man who died after EPS arrest

Article Link: https://calgarysun.com/news/local-news/edmonton-group-holds-vigil-for-unidentified-man-who-died-after-eps-arrest/wcm/90cf415c-1795-4491-8b95-4c8b970621ab

Discussion posted by: Papertroll

An Edmonton human rights group is holding a series of vigils for an as-yet unidentified man who died after an arrest by city police last year. The man groans and cries out during the arrest, which was filmed from across the street. Several minutes in, he appears to tell the officer “I’m suffocating.” Police later carry the arrestee to a police van. A few minutes after, they lower him to the pavement and begin to perform chest compressions. ASIRT said the man went into “medical distress.” About 16 minutes in, the man who filmed the video, Dylon McLemore, remarks: “They kept jumping on his head.”