What is systemic racism? There is broad national confusion about the concept

Article Link: https://nationalpost.com/news/what-is-systemic-racism-there-is-broad-national-confusion-about-the-concept/wcm/22c44450-1177-4ad5-92e0-fb2119511a75/

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Systemic racism is a tough topic. Part of the problem is definitional, about what the word “racism” means and how it can be “systemic.” Conversations get trapped in cycles of mutual incomprehension, with people literally not talking about the same thing, and many ending up offended. This week for example, Brenda Lucki, the RCMP Commissioner, stated definitively to a parliamentary committee that systemic racism exists in the RCMP but, when asked for an example, described an obstacle course test for officers biased in favour of tall people, and “there are people in different cultures who may not be six feet including there’s not a lot of women that are six-feet tall that would not be able to get through that type of test.”