Tory Leadership Debate Spotlights Bad French, Social Conservative Issues

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

OTTAWA — “Are you pro-life or are you pro-choice?” Peter MacKay demanded of his primary challenger for a second time Wednesday. And for a second and, later, a third time, Toronto area MP Erin O’Toole sidestepped the question. If this sounds strangely familiar, it’s because it is. Wednesday evening’s federal Conservative party leadership debate was reminiscent of another faceoff in French — that one held between Tory Leader Andrew Scheer and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau during last election’s TVA debate. Then, it was Trudeau going after Scheer, demanding to know where the candidate stood on abortion. And it was Scheer who stood awkwardly, saying nothing while Conservative candidates in Quebec wondered whether they could recover from this setback. (They didn’t.)