John Ivison: Who cares about $87 billion? Not the Liberals or the NDP apparently

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

The mundane business of debating government spending estimates sparked to life on Wednesday afternoon when NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was booted from the House of Commons for calling a Bloc Québécois MP a racist. Singh had proposed a motion condemning the RCMP for systemic racism. When the Bloc refused to grant its consent, Singh called MP Alain Therrien a racist. “It’s true, I called him a racist and I believe that’s so,” Singh said, when challenged. After he refused to apologize he was asked to leave the chamber by the Speaker. Later, in an emotional news conference, Singh said he got angry. “Why can’t we do something to save people’s lives? We can do something. Why would someone say no to that?” he said.