Rex Murphy: If our leaders won’t stand against violence, they are unfit to lead

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

First of all on this sunlit morning, I’d like to offer a hearty salute to the newly freeborn citizens of the barely week-old Republic of the CHAZians. We in the outside world view the infant state and its infant citizens with pride, they having by their wiles and courage finally liberated themselves from the demonic oppression and cruel discrimination of notoriously fascist Seattle, a principality known to all as veering to the right of North Korea. It was like Tibet under communist rule, except with better lattes and a higher soy content per person. The new state is still fragile. But they have set up barriers, which certain nasty Trumpians (I might be one) are calling a wall. And there is some pushback from the folks who actually own homes or businesses and think they live there.