Why litter is surging as lockdowns ease

Article Link: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200610-why-are-parks-full-of-litter-as-lockdown-eases

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Recent visitors have left mounds of rubbish at public spaces and beauty spots across the UK and beyond. What’s driving this behaviour? “We fear a littering epidemic as lockdown eases”, warns the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. And indeed, Brits have embraced the opportunity to throng beaches and beauty spots in recent days. Images of the mounds of rubbish left in their wake have made headlines, sparked outrage and resulted in pleas by local government officials for visitors to stay away. Research suggests that littering can be challenging to eradicate in the best of times – and these clearly aren’t the best of times. So what is it about current circumstances that’s driving this surge, and is there anything we can do to contain the problem?