Japan’s broadcaster NHK removes ‘insensitive’ US protests video

Article Link: https://www.dw.com/en/japans-broadcaster-nhk-removes-insensitive-us-protests-video/a-53742262

Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK faced backlash on Tuesday over an animated video on the anti-police brutality protests in the United States that used stereotypical depictions of African Americans — and for not mentioning police brutality. The segment, which was posted on Twitter and aired on NHK’s Sunday evening program “Sekai no Ima” (“The World Now”), featured a muscular black narrator who was drawn wearing a white tank top, Reuters news agency reported. Other black characters in the background included a man with an afro hairstyle and sideburns, a musician in sandals playing a guitar, and angry screaming women with their fists raised in the air. The clip sought to explain the background of the US protests but did not mention police brutality or the death of George Floyd