Antifa: A Relic of German Communism

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Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

Despite antiseptic portrayals throughout American media, Antifa is much more than an “anti-Fascist” group. As Americans have seen since the death of George Floyd, Antifa provides the violent complement to “Progressive” ideology. Like its comrades in academia and the media, Antifa seeks to destroy the American emphasis on liberty under law, and to impose one of history’s most repressive ideologies. Bernd Langer, whose “80 Years of Anti-Fascist Action” was published by Germany’s Association for the Promotion of Anti-Fascist Literature, succinctly defined the rhetorical subterfuge. “Anti-fascism is a strategy rather than an ideology,” wrote Langer, a former Antifa member, for “an anti-capitalist form of struggle.”