Libertarian-Democrat Partnership in US House Drafts Legislation to End Police Doctrine of ‘Qualified Immunity’

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

In response to recent public demand for greater accountability of police officers, a former-Libertarian presidential candidate, Michigan Congressman Justin Amash (L-MI), along with Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) introduced a bill in the House to end the doctrine of ‘qualified immunity’ which makes it so difficult for private citizens to pursue legal recourse against police officers that have violated their rights or those of a loved one. “As part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, Congress allowed individuals to sue state and local officials, including police officers, who violate their rights,” a joint letter released by Amash and Pressley late Wednesday noted. “Starting in 1967, the Supreme Court began gutting that law by inventing the doctrine of qualified immunity.”