Michael Higgins: There’s a lesson for Trudeau in the pause heard around the world

Article Link: https://nationalpost.com/news/michael-higgins-theres-a-lesson-for-trudeau-in-the-pause-heard-around-the-world

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Justin Trudeau has answered a lot of difficult questions as prime minister. True, it has often been with a non-answer than an informative explanation, but that is too often the nature of politics. But for 21 excruciating seconds on Tuesday, the prime minister was left dumbstruck; deer caught in headlights have never looked so vulnerable. Asked a tricky question by CBC’s Tom Parry it should not have been beyond the capabilities of Trudeau to give a boilerplate response. He has certainly given enough of them in his time. That he was unable to do so speaks volumes of just how much the prime minister is going out of his way not to criticize President Donald Trump.