Chris Selley: Feel free to roll your eyes or shake your heads at Toronto’s island insanity

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Readers, do you fancy a laugh at Toronto’s expense? Of course you do. Gather ‘round, then, and I shall tell you a tale. Two weekends ago, you may have seen or heard that a giant flock of Toronto hipsters made merry in one of the city’s parks, Trinity-Bellwoods, in flagrant violation of social distancing rules. This caused much consternation among the gentry, and there was no defending the merry-makers. But it did highlight something almost everyone agrees upon: As downtown Toronto and nearby areas densify, there is a critical need for more greenspace. The fact is, there aren’t a whole lot of other places in that neighbourhood where people can gather outdoors to drink cheap beer ironically and discuss high-waisted jeans.