Rex Murphy: We now have two national crises, and Parliament has abdicated its responsibility

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Discussion posted by: Roger Overanout

Suspending the House of Commons during the COVID-19 pandemic and a horrifying crisis in the care of Canada’s elderly is utterly reprehensible. “The Trudeau government announced, following the grim revelations about long-term care in Canada, that Parliament will be recalled in a special emergency session to deal with the scandal of abuse and neglect of its elderly citizens. ‘Parliament must weigh in,’ said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, ‘on the savage neglect of its old people. Thousands of our seniors have been abused, neglected and died. Parliament must explore this national shame.’ ” Except that didn’t happen. That’s what everyone should have been reading Wednesday morning. What was the headline you were reading? Trudeau and Singh make deal to neuter Parliament till Sept. 21.