Does Finland show the way to universal basic income?

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Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

A ‘failed’ experiment? Yet Finland’s basic income experiment has not caused a huge surge in support for the idea, either in Finland or abroad. Initial reports branded the scheme a “flop.” While recent coverage of the long-term study, released earlier this month, has been more nuanced, much has focused on the minimal effect on employment prospects. The “flop” tag is something Minne Ylikanno, senior researcher at Finland’s Social Insurance Institution (Kela), which carried out the study, rejects. “I would say the experiment was a success,” she says. “No other country in any part of the world has implemented a national basic income based on a law.” “It’s fair to say that the result is that we can’t see a very big employment effect, that’s true. But the comment that it’s a failure, I would say that’s not fair.”