8 Foods That Could Be Putting You In A Bad Mood

Article Link: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/comfort-foods-bad-mood-negative-nutrition_l_5ec80c6bc5b6d1c44256d2df

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

You’ve polished off a batch of grandma’s beloved cookies when the feeling hits. It’s not happiness, though it should be. You’re experiencing a mix of guilt, anxiety and sluggishness, with an all-around bad mood that’s far from the comfort you were seeking. And when you’re staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing you need is another thing to feel bad about. What gives? The idea of comfort food sounds great in theory, but many of society’s favorite feel-good foods lack ideal nutrients. This leaves eaters feeling cranky, not comforted. (And to be clear, we’re not talking about depression, a more serious condition you should talk to your doctor about.)