Artist Kent Monkman’s painting of partially nude Trudeau with laughing women creates uproar online

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Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

Renowned Cree artist Kent Monkman has come under fire for his new painting that shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau partially nude, on all fours, preparing for what Monkman called “a consensual act” while Indigenous women surrounding him laugh. The painting, titled Hanky Panky, has been condemned by many who believe it portrays sexual violence and disrespects First Nations traditions. But it is also being praised by some, including Ojibway Senator Murray Sinclair. Monkman posted the work on Facebook on Saturday and said the piece was meant to highlight problems with “the Canadian (in)justice system” and the victimization of Indigenous women, who experience violence and sexual assault at rates higher than other women in Canada. But it provoked a backlash.