Facebook Puts Soros, Muslim Brotherhood, Activists in Charge of Censorship

Article Link: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/05/facebook-puts-soros-muslim-brotherhood-activists-daniel-greenfield/

Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

Facebook controls as much as 80% of social media traffic. That means that it has the power to erase conversations, shift narratives, and control how people speak to one another. With 190 million users in the United States, the social network monopoly has more control over what people see than all of the media giants combined do. And now Facebook is putting some very troubling political activists in charge of its Oversight Board who will decide how it censors. What does Facebook’s Supreme Court of Censorship look like when you zoom in? Only a quarter of the Oversight Board originates from the United States. That means three quarters of the censorship court comes from countries with no First Amendment.