Why did Canada drag its feet on N95 advice? Some experts say it’s because we had none to spare

Article Link: https://www.ourwindsor.ca/news-story/9968719-why-did-canada-drag-its-feet-on-n95-advice-some-experts-say-it-s-because-we-had-none-to-spare/

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The transfer of 16 tonnes of COVID-fighting respirator masks, face shields and goggles from Canadian medical stockpiles to China on Feb. 4 marked a key plot point in Canada’s pandemic narrative.Initially, the country’s humanitarian gesture became a rallying cry for angry Canadian doctors, nurses and personal care workers alleging shortages that have exposed them to avoidable—and potentially deadly—COVID-19 transmission.But more recently, it has served as backdrop for a quietly expressed hypothesis among researchers and public health experts: Did a shortage of personal protective equipment influence Canada’s decision to hold back on aggressive protective protocols for health-care workers other countries have adopted?Public health agencies in Canada have told health-care workers that N95 respirator masks