Let Buckwheat the donkey add some fun to your online meeting

Article Link: https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/let-buckwheat-the-donkey-add-some-fun-to-your-online-meeting

Discussion posted by: JohnF44

Some people might behave like an ass during the COVID-19 era of virtual meetings, but what about including an actual donkey in one of those online group chats? The Farmhouse Garden Animal Home in Uxbridge, a sanctuary located about an hour northeast of Toronto, is offering up Buckwheat the donkey to be a part of web meetings at a cost of $75 for 10 minutes, $125 for 20, and $175 for a half-hour. It’s part of their fundraising effort for the animals called ‘The Meeting Crasher’ that began at the end of April and has so far raised more than $1,000. “We haven’t been able to have people come out physically to the farm, so we’ve been trying to get creative and think about how people can see the animals,” said Edith Barabash, the executive director for Farmhouse Garden Animal Home.