44 suspected Boko Haram jihadis found dead in Chad prison

Article Link: https://www.dw.com/en/44-suspected-boko-haram-jihadis-found-dead-in-chad-prison/a-53176232

Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

A group of 44 suspected members of the jihadi group Boko Haram were found dead in prison in Chad’s capital city of N’Djamena on Saturday, the AFP news agency reported, citing police authorities. The dead were among 58 suspected jihadis who were arrested during a recent operation against the Boko Haram carried out near Lake Chad, the country’s chief prosecutor Yousssouf Tom said on national television. “Following the fighting around Lake Chad, 58 members of Boko Haram had been taken prisoner and sent to Ndjamena for the purposes of the investigation,” he said. “On Thursday morning, their jailers told us that 44 prisoners had been found dead in their cell,” Tom said.