FUREY: Feds planning laws against COVID-19 misinformation is ultimate irony

Article Link: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/furey-feds-planning-laws-against-covid-19-misinformation-is-ultimate-irony

Discussion posted by: itzfitzhere

The government’s biggest problem with getting public buy-in for any such laws though will be the fact that federal voices have themselves already been found guilty of what could be included in a broad definition of “misinformation”. It’s widely known that Health Minister Patty Hadju, Dr. Theresa Tam and other officials have now done complete reversals on many aspects of this illness. They previously told Canadians that the risk remained low and that COVID-19 did not spread asymptomatically. Then there was their insistence that flight restrictions and widespread usage of face masks did not work, only for them to turn around and voice opposite policies.