The Milkman Is Back to Making Dairy Deliveries

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Depending on your age, your memories of the milkman—a delivery person in a crisp white uniform dropping off dairy essentials like glass-bottled milk and cream along with eggs—might come from old sitcoms. As a result of shelter-in-home orders due to COVID-19, however, the seemingly antiquated task is making a comeback. According to CBS New York, services like Westchester Milk and Mitch the Milkman have picked up steam in recent weeks in the tri-state area as people have been more reluctant to venture to stores for home essentials. The businesses, which usually rely on large orders from schools and daycares, are now seeing a shift to residential accounts. Mitch the Milkman, located on Long Island, has seen a 600 percent increase in business.