Despite what you may have heard, you should wear a mask for COVID-19

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In this episode of Everything Should Be Better, Tristin Hopper explains how medical authorities kinda lied about why you shouldn’t put on a mask to fight COVID-19. Watch the video above, or read the transcript below.Despite being right next to China (and actually being considered a part of China if you’re these guys), Taiwan has done fantastic in the whole COVID-19 pandemic. As of April 1, the country only has about 300 cases. So despite having 23 million people, Taiwan counts fewer overall COVID-19 patients than Vancouver.So, here’s a photo of what Taiwanese people look like in a pandemic. And here’s what Canadians look like in a pandemic. Notice anything amiss? That’s right: We’re not wearing masks, and despite what you may have heard, including from some of our most trusted medical authorities, you absolutely should be.