EDITORIAL: After this, there’s no way the carbon tax can stay

Article Link: https://torontosun.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-after-this-theres-no-way-the-carbon-tax-can-stay

Discussion posted by: IRWeasel

The past few weeks have seen many things we previously took for granted be upended. Many assumptions that people were operating under have been challenged by COVID-19. For example, the Liberal government finally had to abandon their deferential attitude towards illegal border crossers at Roxham Road. Likewise, Conservatives who are committed to keep the deficit as low as possible have agreed – like they did during the economic crisis a decade ago – that this is indeed such a time to run up the red ink. There is still another policy change that needs to occur though. That’s the abandonment of the carbon tax. The court battle is still technically on, where several provinces are challenging the feds in court over whether or not Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can in fact force the tax on unwilling provinces.