Migrant worker groups slam new Canadian border restrictions

Article Link: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/2020/03/16/migrant-worker-groups-slam-new-canadian-border-restrictions.html

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The federal government announced drastic border restrictions on Monday, with the prime minister saying only non-sick Canadians, permanent residents and — bizarrely — American citizens would be permitted to enter the country. That means our doors are closed to residents with work permits and student permits, refugee claimants and anyone in need of humanitarian assistance. Many migrant workers — farm workers and care workers, who are usually racialized — are on these permits. They cannot enter. Some are separated from their families, others are losing their livelihoods. “There is no public health reason to shut out non-permanent residents,” the Migrant Rights Network said in a statement on the heels of the announcement. “This is simply racism.”