‘We’re looking at social distancing for months

Article Link: https://www.healthing.ca/diseases-and-conditions/coronavirus/the-time-for-social-distancing-is-now-how-to-prevent-community-transmission

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“You have to bring in social distancing measures before you think you need to,” says Gardam. “Right now, the risk to Canadians is low because there is no local spread. But we know local spread is coming. We will start to see clear community transmission in Canada within the next few days. The way to slow down this virus is by not spreading it to other people.” And when community transmission starts, the number of cases won’t go up slowly. “[Community transmission] doesn’t go up in a linear fashion, like one-two-three-four-five cases each day,” says Gardam. “It’s exponential and will go up two-four-eight-16-32-64-128 cases each day.