Eight-Year-Old Boy Wins $200 Worth of Pot Products From a Raffle

Article Link: https://www.oddee.com/eight-year-old-boy-wins-200-worth-of-pot-products-from-a-raffle-51889/

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Keith Redl, said grandpa, was outraged once he found out that his grandson, an eight-year-old boy, had won some unsavory prizes from a hockey tournament. He said the boy had won about $200 worth of pot products. Redl’s grandson plays in a youth hockey league and he had entered to win some prizes. “Each team is usually responsible for putting a gift basket or prize package together with a minimum value of $50,” Redl said. “And then what they do is they have a big setup and they have a paper bag taped in front of each of these prizes.”