Ellie and Nele: From she to he – and back to she again

Article Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-51806011

Discussion posted by: Arye ben-Shaoul

Studies suggest that most people who transition to another gender do not have second thoughts. But after two trans men met and fell in love, their personal gender journeys took an unexpected turn, to a destination neither had foreseen. “I always felt we have a very special history. We have special bodies, and a special connection based on the physical experience we had.” Ellie is 21 and Belgian. Her German partner, Nele, is 24. Both took testosterone to become more masculine, and they had their breasts removed in double mastectomy surgery. Now they have detransitioned, and live again as female – the gender they were assigned at birth. “I’m very happy I didn’t have a hysterectomy,” reflects Nele. “It means I can stop taking hormones, and my body will return to looking feminine.”