Buttigieg is ending his presidential bid

Article Link: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/01/politics/buttigieg-campaign/index.html

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Pete Buttigieg will end his campaign for President on Sunday, multiple aides tell CNN, ending an unlikely campaign that vaulted the once-unknown mayor from South Bend, Indiana, to a top presidential contender.Buttigieg was scheduled to fly from Selma, Alabama, to Dallas, Texas, but during the flight he informed reporters that he would be flying back to his hometown of South Bend to make an announcement on the future of his campaign. That announcement, aides said, is that he is ending his run. Buttigieg made the decision on Sunday, aides said, after he struggled to compete in South Carolina’s primary and had little path toward success on Super Tuesday. “He believes this is the right thing to do right now for our country and the country to heal this divided nation and defeat President Trump,” the aide said.