London Doctors Perform Unwanted Vaginectomy – Faced Only Suspension

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

Dr. Marco Capece and Dr. Giulo Garaffa both work at Highgate Private Hospital in London. They found the doctors guilty of irreversible surgery on a transgender man. The unidentified patient, simply called Patient A, said he went in for two other procedures in his gender assignment process. The doctors were to first perform a hysterectomy, which is a procedure to remove a uterus. Following the hysterectomy, they were to perform metoidioplasty, which is a procedure to give a person born with female genitals a penis. He claims he never gave permission to have a vaginectomy, a surgery to remove all or part of the vagina. However, a week later he noticed the vagina removal. He described the procedure as ‘unwanted’ and a ‘profound impact in all aspects of his life including his mental well-being.’