What not to do in a snowstorm

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When 56 cm of snow, which fell on Feb. 26-27, 1887, cancelled a planned exhibition of the power of the multi-barrel Nordenfelt gun at the Rideau Rifle Range at Strathcona Park (to which prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald and other political figures were invited), officials decided to conduct an experiment examining the bullet-stopping qualities of snow. Major Anderson, of the 43rd Battalion, felt that a snowbank of sufficient thickness would be able to halt any bullet, providing a useful technique for constructing shelter trenches during winter campaigns. A mound of closely packed snow, 10 feet thick at the base, was built, and bullets fired at it from 200 and 500 feet. The Ottawa Citizen’s headline the following Monday neatly summed up the undertaking’s success: “SNOW WON’T STOP BULLETS.”