‘Dumb choices’: Trudeau revisits blackface embarrassment during Black History Month

Article Link: https://torontosun.com/news/national/dumb-choices-trudeau-revisits-blackface-embarrassment-during-black-history-month/wcm/273a67f5-9707-4eaf-ae39-571f642ae1f5

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OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau acknowledged his own past history of unconscious racism during a celebration Monday of Black History Month. The prime minister reflected on the “dumb choices” he made when he donned blackface and brownface multiple times in younger days. Photos and a video of Trudeau wearing makeup to darken his skin surfaced during last fall’s election campaign, rocking the Liberal campaign and forcing Trudeau to profusely and repeatedly apologize for behaviour he said he didn’t realize at the time was wrong, but which he belatedly acknowledged was “a racist thing to do.”