COMMENTARY: Amid blockades, Trudeau needs to borrow a page from his father and show resolve

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Discussion posted by: JohnF44

No one is suggesting that there’s a quick and easy resolution to these protests, or the rail blockades more specifically. But step one for the prime minister would be demonstrating that his government takes all of this seriously and there’s at least an urgency in its approach. Actually being physically in Canada would be a good first step to that first step. It’s not just retail, agriculture, grocery, and other sectors of the economy that are feeling the pain. There are now warnings about shortages of propane, baby formula, and even the chlorine that’s used by cities to treat their drinking water. Yes, there are sensitivities around issues pertaining to Indigenous rights and Indigenous concerns, but none of that should justify capitulating to blockades that are aimed at putting a stranglehold on the Canadian economy.