WARMINGTON: Get the trains moving again in Tyendinaga Township

Article Link: https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-get-the-trains-moving-again-in-tyendinaga-township

Discussion posted by: Rebeater

The truth is the Tyendinaga part of this protest should not have been permitted for more than a few hours. Elected Mohawk Chief Donald Maracle has no involvement in the grievance. And the Toronto Sun has learned that the land the dozen protesters have taken over on Wyman Rd., just off Hwy. 2, is not on Mohawk Territory at all. “It’s all on Tyendinaga Township and CN land,” the OPP said Wednesday. “The Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory land does not began until 500 metres south of here.” That means this is not a First Nations protest — and it never was.