Terence Corcoran: Attack of the green carbon counters as business world reduced to tallying emissions

Article Link: https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/terence-corcoran-attack-of-the-green-carbon-counters-as-business-world-reduced-to-tallying-emissions

Discussion posted by: Rebeater

Canadians who previously marvelled at their ability to work the land, build enterprise, lay rail and produce industrial and commercial wealth are now being told that the only measure that matters is whether their work and enterprise add or subtract from the nation’s carbon count and improve or jeopardize Canada’s ability to meet its international carbon emissions targets. From pipeline to electricity production to industrial development in Atlantic Canada, the business world has been reduced to counting carbon emissions. Forget revenue estimates, profit projections, innovation, market breakthroughs, lower cost structures, new technologies, better jobs, future economic growth prospects and a richer country. Put all that corporate rubbish aside because nothing matters in today’s economy except the associated carbon emissions.