David Staples: Chaos has come to Canada under Trudeau — and it could quickly get much worse

Article Link: https://www.recorder.ca/news/politics/david-staples-chaos-has-come-to-canada-and-it-could-quickly-get-much-worse/wcm/09fb0b42-7203-427c-b4dd-3bd612f50e01

Discussion posted by: Rebeater

Chaos has come to Canada. If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not make the right moves in the next month, the chaos will become more intense and have a different flavour. It won’t only be wild-eyed activists blockading roads, railways and legislature buildings, it will be the people of Alberta rising up against Ottawa like never before. The chaos has come crashing due to the construction of the Coastal GasLink LNG pipeline, which is supported by the Trudeau Liberals, the Horgan NDP and the leadership of the Wet’suwet’en people. Illegal protests and blockades in support of a small faction of the Wet’suwet’en who oppose the project have sprung up across Canada.