Tesla driver killed in crash had reported earlier ‘Autopilot’ problems

Article Link: https://torontosun.com/news/world/tesla-driver-killed-in-crash-had-reported-earlier-autopilot-problems/wcm/a2168758-54b5-46a1-8efc-bd063ff46675

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WASHINGTON — A Tesla driver killed in a March 2018 crash in California while using the Autopilot driver-assistance system had reported that on prior trips, the car had steered away from the highway, the National Transportation Safety Board disclosed in documents made public Tuesday. Walter Huang, a 38-year-old Apple software engineer, was driving his Tesla Model X in Mountain View in autopilot mode at about 70 mph when it crashed into a safety barrier. The NTSB said Huang had reported issues on prior trips with Autopilot steering the wheel toward an area between a highway ramp and the lane. It is a moving violation to cross into that section of the road, known as the “gore area.”