Pete Buttigieg is uniquely disliked by Democrats across the spectrum even as he surges in early states

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With his strong showing in Iowa and surge in New Hampshire, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s list of critics is expanding across the ideological spectrum. After Buttigieg beat former Vice President Joe Biden, in Iowa and is set to do the same in New Hampshire, moderates began to turn their ire on the former mayor. Rather than attacking his policies and rhetoric — as progressives long have — moderates like Biden are challenging Buttigieg’s qualifications and experience, and asserting he’s not prepared to be president. As Buttigieg has gained in national polls and surpassed Sanders in Iowa delegates, the left-wing backlash against him as only intensified. The socialist magazine Jacobin regularly tears Buttigieg apart in pieces with headlines like: “Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Even Worse Than He Seems.”