Ex-Liberal MP Peschisolido ’chronically’ broke code of conduct: Commissioner

Article Link: https://ottawasun.com/news/national/ex-liberal-mp-peschisolido-chronically-broke-code-of-conduct-commissioner/wcm/aaf8839c-1cbc-4762-9375-a991003c480f

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The federal ethics watchdog says former Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido repeatedly broke the code of conduct for members of Parliament, and, according to Blacklock’s Reporter, the former parliamentarian reportedly had ties to Chinese investors. Ethics commissioner Mario Dion says in a report that Peschisolido “chronically” failed to disclose his private interests, as required by the code. If Peschisolido was still an MP, Dion says he’d recommend that Parliament impose “appropriate” sanctions. But, since Peschisolido lost his British Columbia seat in last fall’s election, he’s no longer subject to the rules governing the conduct of MPs. Four months prior to the election, Global News had reported Chinese investors used Peschisolido’s law firm to funnel funds into the country.