Here are the Super Bowl commercials your Canadian broadcast won’t show you

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The most important part of Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here. No, it’s not the football. (OK maybe for some people it’s the football.)We’re talking about the commercials. Of course, it’ll be a bit odd because of a Supreme Court ruling that says Canadian companies can run their ads instead of American ones. So, you won’t get to see a lot of the big ones live. If you’re watching the Canadian livestream, you’ll see, according to Bell, which is broadcasting the Super Bowl here, ads from: Bell, BMW Canada, Budweiser, Genesis Auto Canada, Hyundai Auto Canada, Maple Leaf, Nissan Canada and SkipTheDishes. Budweiser, for example, has a Canadian ad and an American ad. But, there are a pile of ads that you won’t see — at least live on television — but that will work through your social media, surely, in coming hours and days.